About us

What makes us different?

On the years round, Egypt has a wonderful weather, dry, sunny and worm, a virgin and pure desert environment, that allow olives to mature slowly on the trees, which makes the table olives and the extra virgin olive oil fruitier and more full-bodied than other olive oils. The early crop compared to other Mediterranean crops, helps the manufacturers to find the quality they need on off seasons.

EUROFOOD has been supplied the food industry with a unique range of premium quality, and authentic ingredients for more than 8 years. Today, the coherence of our product range continues to lie in its Mediterranean provenance and a commitment to the highest standards of genuine, local, medium -scale production and sourcing. Our dynamic business distributes an extensive range of Mediterranean foods; ingredients include: Olives, Olive oil, Mixed Pickles, Pickled Vegetables, Artichokes, Pepper and limited range of frozen fruits and vegetables.
Being experts we are proud to be involved in every aspect of the supply chain. We have investments and partnerships with Farmers and
Producers in Egypt, Italy and Australia. We have our own logistics company which enable us to offer our customers premium shipping services at competitive prices.

EUROFOOD outsources the finest selection of olives, which are handpicked, Then processed according to each customer needs either naturally by curing them slowly without any chemical additives or preservatives, or ready for oxidation to produce ripe Black Olives or Green Spanish styles.

EUROFOOD produces the finest varieties of agricultures products; we think customer and work hard to meet all our customer needs and wants.

Eurofood olives, olive oil and pickles well selected from the finest farms, natural and rich tastes are exported across the globe to meet a growing international demand from discerning customers.

Eurofood produces the finest varieties of olives, olive oil, pickles, and pickled vegetables such as; cucumbers, onions, carrots, lime, lemons and grape leave. The vegetables are picked fresh and pickled according to each market needs, all what you have to do; is to inform us with your needs and we will fulfil them efficiently.

Our enthusiasm for EUROFOOD International is as present as ever. It has made us have a highly trained, efficient and qualified work-force and a thorough control. The result is a permanent and absolute success. (Output,) EUROFOOD is considered one of the best known export management firm, and manufacturer of the best selling Natural Olives, Pickles, Olive Oil and Vegetables on the global market.

HACCP Food Safety, Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point: Olive Tree is certified by one of the worlds leading inspection institutions for meeting the requirements of hazard analysis and critical control points, a system that adopts preventative techniques to assure food safety throughout production. (Meanwhile) Olive Tree received (OHSAS 18001/2007) Occupation Health and Safety Assessment Series for health and safety management system enabling our factory to control occupational health and safety risks.

ISO 9001:2000 Certifications
: EUROFOOD received ISO 9001:2000 quality management certificate for (our) commitment and flexibility to satisfy all customer needs efficiently and economically, as well as continuously improving our quality systems 

Sustainability: Our goal is to create a sustainable enterprise that yields healthy and world-class products in a flourishing ecosystem that will be benefited and enjoyed by our children's children.